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Pavement Sweeping

Whether your job is a parking lot, a construction site, or an entire municipality, let us sweep for you!


Parking Lots

Sweeping a parking lot is an essential part of storm water maintenance. Dirt, garbage, and chemicals from automobiles can run off into storm basins, often sending them directly to rivers and streams! Our street sweepers remove 50-90% of sediment, debris, trash, salt, chemicals, and trace metals from pavement. Additionally, regular sweeping can make your parking lot less slippery, keep storm drains clear of water blocking debris, and keep your parking lot looking neat and well kept.

Let us place you on one of our night sweeping routes! Our courteous, professionally trained crews will work for you! Our service includes vacuum sweeping of your entire parking lot, with a special emphasis placed on your business' storefront. We will also clean all walkways, curb lines, and pick up all large debris. Call us for pricing today!

Construction Sites

If it's pavement, it's likely we can clean it for you! If run-off, mud tracking, or dirt and debris are a problem for your site, give us a call right away, emergency service is our specialty! Whether its a job for one of our smaller, tight turning air sweepers, or road sweeping for the Schwarze A-7000, you can count on us to clean up your site.

For those extra dirty sites, or for cleaning up asphalt grindings or millings, we have an Elgin Eagle mechanical street sweeper. This heavy duty road sweeper is designed to pick up large amounts of debris using a rotating brush. It is also equipped with a hi-dump to dump into gravel trucks.

No matter what the job is, you can count on Bayside Services to be a prompt, no-hassle service to sweep your construction site. Call for our hourly rates today!


Whether you're planning a special event for your town, or creating a storm water pollution plan, don't forget your streets! Sweeping your streets is a best management practice for stormwater management, and our operators will work hard to clean your city. Call for a competitive bid today!

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